The Club has sets of avalanche gear which can be loaned to members for free subject to the loan policy below. 

The kit is as follows:

  • Ortovox 3+ transceiver
  • Ortovox Beast shovel
  • Ortovox 240 Light PFA probe

To access the equipment please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We also have six walkie talkie radios.  These are Motorola T80 Extremes. These are available for use by members and are usually taken on the hill on most events. 


IBSC Equipment Borrowing Policy

General terms
The rental is offered on first come, first served basis to any club member who paid their annual membership fee. However, booking from a member can be taken unconditionally for up to three uses per season. The members exceeding three uses per season can still borrow club’s equipment but would have to give priority to less frequent users. Members renting equipment for club trips have priority over those renting for private trips.

Booking process
The club member who wishes to book equipment sends their request by email to equipment secretary, who confirms booking accordingly. If no equipment is available the request is added onto a waiting list.

Collection and returns
Members who have been granted equipment borrow are obliged to collect and return it as directed by equipment secretary. In general, the equipment for weekend trips should be collected by Friday night and returned by midweek if possible. On most occasions both collection and return will be at Inverness based location as directed by equipment secretary. The user should return any equipment to the location they picked it up from, within three days after the trip. Should users not follow the Club’s policy, equipment loans may be refused in future.

The members who booked equipment but decided not to attend the trip are obliged to give enough notice prior to the trip so that the equipment could be granted to another member from the waiting list. If they decide not to attend the trip once they have collected the equipment it will be their responsibility to pass it over to the member from the waiting list as directed by equipment secretary.

User’s responsibility

Each member in possession of the club’s equipment takes responsibility for it. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when it was taken. Battery life in the transceiver upon return should exceed 50%. Each member is solely responsible for ensuring that the equipment is functional and transceiver has enough battery life. It will not be club’s responsibility to change batteries in the transceivers.

Breach of conditions
Any members who do not comply with the above rules, damage or lose equipment, may be declined any further use by the committee decision (majority of votes).