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Welcome to Inverness Backcountry Snowsports Club

The IBSC is an all round mountain sports club with a particular focus on backcountry skiing, ski touring and other backcountry snowsports. Snowboarders, splitboarders and kite skiers are all welcome alongside members who traditionally stick to alpine touring kit or tele skiing kit . A range of activities is organised throughout the winter to cater for all abilities although it is expected members will already have reasonable ski ability.

The club aims to provide a forum to meet, share interests, enjoy and develop skills in backcountry skiing, ski touring, ski mountaineering and other wintersports including ice climbing and hill walking.

In the summer the club is growing its activities reflecting the huge range of existing member interests which span hill walking, paddlesports, mountain biking, road biking, rock climbing, surfing, wild water swimming, mountain running and high level camping. A full summer programme of events will in future feature alongside the long established wintersports calendar.

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Recent trip write-ups

  • Big Ben – 28th April 2023 – Xav Wadbled

    Trip report courtesy of Xav Wadbled. The CIC hut is the only alpine hut in Scotland, reached after a 2h hike and carry of skis food and everything you need to be comfortable up there.

  • Deeside Destiny, Mar Lodge by Sarah Moorhouse

    A small group of eight club members assembled on Friday evening at the iconic Mar Lodge where our accommodation was in the bunkhouse to one side of the main house. Lack of confidence in

  • The Igloo Camp by Chris Townsend

    It didn’t rain all the time. Just when we were finishing the igloos. Before then there were some light showers that passed over quickly, leaving rainbows in their wake, a pleasant touch of colour

  • Stuc an Lochain; a Glen Lyon gem by Angus Armstrong

    I’m pretty rubbish with dates and names, but 12th January 2008 on Stuc an Lochain is engrained. The adventure started well before we left the car as we made our way

  • Lyons Leap – 10th March 2023 – Brendan Hughes

    Trip report courtesy of Brendan Hughes. The club had once again booked the luxurious Ballinloan House and also the neighbouring Innerwick Cottage to host 13 club members for a long weekend. Unfortunately Perthshire had missed

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