10 hopeful skiers made the 30 minute offroad journey up to Glenuaig Lodge on Friday evening on the hunt for Champagne and powder….

A damp misty dawn revealed somewhat less powder than hoped for but a fridge stocked with gourmet meals and champagne allayed any concerns. Three groups headed into the hills. Michael and Alasdair made an early start up the hill behind the lodge for the gentle slopes of Moruisg summit and steeper Coire an Tuill Bhain. They successfully put down some turns on both with an impressive gully/stream/heather descent off the latter.

Lisa, Duncan, Lizzi, Lina, Max and Adrian waded the river (a wet crossing for some until a bridge was spotted) to ski the more distant Sgurr a Chaorachain around Lochan Gaineamhach. Lisa led the way in dropping in a gnarly steep descent with the whole group enjoying turns on the high easterly slopes around the Lochan. Tom and Fiona made a loop of Moruisg and Sgurr nan Ceannaichean – brilliant views but not actually any skiing….

The weather cleared in spite of a pessimistic MWIS forecast and everyone had a cracking day out with plenty of footage, including a drone flyby, recorded for future club video competitions. A cold water dip finished the outdoor activities for the braver attendees before everyone settled in for an evening of card games, champagne swilling by the fire and a gourmet dinner of goulash and Chocolate brownies topped with apple pastry slices – a creation which would not have been out of place in the finest restaurants in Scotland.

Sunday brought lower cloud and higher winds so an initial plan for more skiing around Sgurr a Chaorachain was abandoned for a hike east down the valley. Max, Alasdair and Lisa braved a river wade to summit a peak south of the river. The others pursued a marginally more mellow route along the north side. Blue skies and remarkably small rainbows(apparently caused by the refractive index of the water droplets for anyone else pondering this deep questions which kept the group guessing….) led to a decision to summit Creag na h-lolaire. Windy and wild climb definitely justified a lunch stop on the descent before all reconvened enroute back to the lodge thanks to some good use of Club walkie talkies.

Sunday eve entertainment included more swimming, a highly competitive game of risk where Lisa’s tyrannical all out attacking strategy was thankfully brought to an end and more fine dining with a paella, chicken katsu curry, crumble and pistachio coated peaches being consumed in large quantities.

An excellent weekend away even if there was limited skiing and elusive powder. Glenuaig lodge proved a superb and luxurious base for exploring a wild and rarely explored part of the highlands.