If your Mountaineering Scotland membership number is not shown on your card, it is because it is not currently stored in the system. There are a couple of ways to resolve this, depending on your IBSC membership type.

If you joined under one of the “Ordinary member”, “Over 60s membership” or “Student unemployed membership” categories, IBSC will add you membership number to the system. This could take a few days if you only recently joined. If you have waited for a few days and still cannot see your number, please contact .

If you joined under the “Any member, already a member of Mountaineering Scotland” category, it is your responsibility to provide IBSC with your membership number. This should have been done when you joined the club, however, you can add the details to the system yourself if needed.  Navigate to the “Details” tab on your account page, enter your Mountaineering Scotland membership number into the relevant field and press “Save & Continue”. When you go back to the “Card” tab, the details should now be populated.

Digital membership cards are new for the 23/24 season so we expect that there will be a few snags. You can help us out by reporting any issues that you experience to webmin@ibsc.org.uk.