New to backcountry?

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You must be able to ski or board to come on Club trips, events and outings.  We say this for everyones' safety and to avoid the situation of someone arriving at the top of a slope without the ability to descend it in control. The Club does not provide ski instruction.  

IBSC trips are not guided or led by instructors. Each participant is responsible for their own safety and we all look after ourselves. That said, we pool skills and resources so that those new to back country action are able to come out with the support of those more experienced. Club trips are 'group efforts' and obviously we look out for each other. However, given how quickly you can get places on skis and how fast the weather can change being able to look after yourself if you get misplaced on the hill is very important.

Avalanche Transceivers

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We all need to keep our knowledge up to date and have the skills ready to use on the hill when required.  There is no substitute for real life experience and practice in the field and the following resources may be use to you.  

Barryvox Training

A highly recommended training resource for this with the Mammut Barryvox transceiver but also suitable for everyone else.  

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