You must be able to ski or board to come on Club trips, events and outings.  We say this for everyones’ safety and to avoid the situation of someone arriving at the top of a slope without the ability to descend it in control. The Club does not provide ski instruction.  

IBSC trips are not guided or led by instructors. Each participant is responsible for their own safety and we all look after ourselves. That said, we pool skills and resources so that those new to back country action are able to come out with the support of those more experienced. Club trips are ‘group efforts’ and obviously we look out for each other. However, given how quickly you can get places on skis and how fast the weather can change being able to look after yourself if you get misplaced on the hill is very important.

The Club does not teach people to ski or board. The whole point of the Club is to be able to enjoy snow sports away from the piste so you need to be able to ski or board on unpisted,variable snow. In other words, you need to be able to ski or board to come on one of our trips. 

We fully recognise that there are people who have not used skins or have less mountain experience. The Club welcomes those new to skiing away from the piste and members look out for each other. If you are less experienced in navigation, route choice, using ice axe and crampons or just being away from a controlled setting we still welcome you. We might suggest an appropriate objective and encourage you to take advantage of some of the training we occasionally organise.  

Ski mountaineering and boarding is the combination of the downhill bit and the mountaineering bit. The ski mountaineer needs to be able to ski or board and have access to other skills such as navigation, use of ice axe and crampons if required, sound decision making and generally be able to deal with mountain conditions as they are encountered on the hills in winter. 

We expect folk to have basic knowledge before they join a trip although there will be more experienced people there. We’d say if you are comfortable with using a map and compass and finding your away around the hills then many trips will be at the right level for you. If not, it would be worth getting some basic experience in these areas first.

If there is sufficient interest, the Club can consider organising training ins specific areas. 

Ideally, you really must have avalanche kit. Transceiver, shovel and probe and knowledge of how to use them. Also some snow and avalanche knowledge is always an advantage. 

These are not guided trips. Just like minded people going skiing.  There are some Tranciever kits available for rent from the club for 10 quid a weekend.  

This might sound very exclusive but we are keen to assist those new to skiing and boarding in the hills with the best start they can get. 

Remember, this is mountaineering and skiing/boarding combined. The two areas combine and require skills and knowledge over both areas.