By Martyn Crawshaw. Six club skiers headed over to Lecht uplift for a day to practice the free heel telemark bran of backcountry.  Helen brought alpine touring kit which does not telemark turn so instead she was the braves with metal edge nordic forest skis and a Salomon bar binding.

Rhona Steele (with new skis from last year!) and Helen brushed up on down hill technique while Sandy Macleod took Steve Bunn and Roy Gibson to the steep and deep on the east side of the Glen.  We all enjoyed skiing in company trading tales and tele-tips but most of all enjoyed great snow and blue sky weather.  

Telemark skiers are like corks in a barrel they tend to collect together and ski sociably just because it feels good and its nice to compare different styles. Many of the runs were not on piste so although we did not use skins or maps it was a kind of backcountry day.

It was not steep, nobody needed transceivers but we did have fun and that was the aim of the game!